Great Leg & Butt Workout!

11 Aug

Hello!  Here are 3 great leg/butt workouts you can do anywhere!  No equipment needed.  Some helpful tips to remember:

Squats- Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, feet slightly pointed out, weight in your heels, squat down and then come back up and be sure to really squeeze your glutes (butt) and your legs at the top. Don’t lock your knees!

Sumo Squats- Stand with feet wide apart, feet slightly pointed out, weight in your heels, squat down and then come back up and again, be sure to squeeze a the top and again don’t lock your knees!

Lunges- Feet/ spread- one in front of the other.    Bend down and be sure that your knee does not go past your foot.  Keep the weight in your heel of the front leg you are squeezing. Be sure to squeeze at the top and again, don’t lock your knee!

Aim for 10-15 reps/ 3 sets each

Once you get stronger, increase your rep range and amount of sets.  Do these exercises one right after the other.  You will really feel the burn!  Do these exercises together twice a week with at least 2 days in between for rest!  Good luck!!!


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