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… and in my SPARE time.

8 Aug

I don’t know what it is about summer, but something deep within my soul has an unquenchable thirst to read.  During the summer months, I read more than I do the rest of the year combined.  It’s pretty ridiculous, and I am pretty sure it can’t be any other way.  Here is just a sampling of the books I have read, and some suggestions for you (if you are in need of a good read):

1. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy – Yes, everyone else is doing it.  Yes, it is THAT good.

2. Three Cups of Tea and Stones into Schools – Really very inspiring.  One man’s mission to change the middle east, and his road to doing exactly that.

3. Heart Shaped Box – This was written by Stephen King’s son.  It was good, and a page turner at parts – but still not the “OMG, I can’t sleep at night” book I was looking for.

4. Omnivore’s Dilemma – Very interesting.  A bit boring towards the end, but certainly makes you think about the food industry.

5.  Bitter is the New Black – This was hilarious – I really couldn’t put this one down.  I love Jen Lancaster – I want to be her friend.

I did read others that were either a bit boring – “Where are the Children” – or not even worth remembering (some short book about the “Potato Girl”) – or just read for fun “The Pact” (although not a “fun” subject – a pretty decent book!)

I am currently reading “Atonement” – and so far, the movie did it heaps of justice – and then onto “Born to Run” a book recommended by Shiloh.  Yes, you read that right.

Anyone else have a page turner this summer??  I don’t want to miss out on any good books.  

Until next time –