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I Ate Steak & Almonds for Breakfast

19 Aug

Yes, you read the title right.  I ate steak and almonds for breakfast this morning.  Yes, it was truly bizarre.  I got up just a little earlier than usual just so I could cook the steak on the bbq.  Yep, I am sure my neighbors are thinking that I am loosing it.  “Look honey, that strange woman is standing in the back yard in her bathrobe cooking steak at 6:00 a.m.”

The whole reason why I am doing this, well, click on the link below and read all about it.  This is an article that my husband found and passed on to me.  We are of course trying this out and I am not sure how long we will do this, but like all things, you have to try them to see what works.  Enjoy!


More Songs to Get the Booty Movin’

19 Aug

Here are 10 great songs that I am loving at the moment.  Loving, not for their lyrical value, but for their beat – as the title suggest – they make you want to MOVE IT, MOVE IT.

1. Start the Commotion – The Wiseguys (Thanks, Jen)

2. B.O.B. – OutKast

3. Club Can’t Handle Me – Flo Rida

4. Technologic – Daft Punk

5. The Next Episode – Dr. Dre

6. 1901 – Phoenix

7. L.O.V.E. – VV Brown

8. Heads Will Roll – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

9. This Instant – Sophia Fresh

10. Fancy Footwork – Chromeo

Now get out there and boogie!!!