It’s official. Hell has frozen over.

11 Aug

Let’s begin by saying in the summer of 2000, I went on my one and only backpacking trip with my dear husband Shiloh.  There were three girls, and three guys on this trip – with me, at the time, being the smallest.  There I was hiking, uphill, 7 miles  – with not only my sleeping bag, clothes, food, and extras, but the tent poles and a tarp strapped to my 102 pound frame.  Let me also add the other girls only had to carry their sleeping bag, clothes, and food.  I vowed, that for as long as I lived, I wouldn’t be going again.  ever. ever ever.

Fast forward 10 years and 20-ish pounds.  The setting – my living room, the speaker – Shiloh.  “How come whenever we go on vacation we ALWAYS go where you want to go, and do what you want to do, and stay where you want to stay.” (I reminded him that Maui, and beach-side at the Marriott were not punishments… whatever).  So, I said – “Fine. (you know that voice) why don’t you plan a trip for us.  Plan where we are going, where we are staying, what we are eating – and I will go along without complaint.”  Big Mistake.  Big. Huge.

Dear, dear, Shiloh has decided that we will be going backpacking – one more time – 6 miles into some lake, and if we are really lucky we will hike another 3 miles on Saturday to a new lake, and on Sunday “complete the loop.”  When I asked if I could bring my iPod – I received a death look, followed by eyes rolled, followed by “I guess you may need some sort of distraction.”  What is THAT supposed to mean.  I also reminded Shiloh that I only have sneakers to hike in – which was met with, “I hope you have A LOT of socks” *snicker, snicker*… again, huh??  What??

And now for the ever fleeting question… What should I wear??  Shiloh, “I don’t know – just not cotton.”  So, I am digging through my closet trying to find SOMETHING when I hear Shiloh, “I have looked at 5 different sweaters and all of them aren’t cotton.  Come down here and pick one of these.”

What is he talking about???  So, I bound down the stairs and lo and behold he has found some “not cotton” sweaters.  Yes, that Shiloh did… he found my J Crew Cashmere Sweaters and my J Crew Merino Wool Sweaters…  Super camping attire don’t you think???

Whatever!  So folks, for the second time in my life I will be going hiking, I will pack extra socks, I will bring my iPod (certainly my singing will have the bears running), I will pack a great book, and I WILL be the best dressed hiker in the woods.

(I will report back after the trip – just to let you know that I still have all 10 fingers and all 10 toes.)

PS – Wish me luck!!  OH, and please grant Shiloh the serenity to put up with my crazy antics for 72 hours straight.

Until next time,

Andrea (and all the mountain cooties)

One Response to “It’s official. Hell has frozen over.”

  1. Kayla Thomas August 12, 2010 at 3:53 am #

    I CANNOT wait to hear the end of this story!

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