Eating Clean- Yummy Recipes!

Summer Cucumber Salad:

2 cucumbers peeled and sliced

1/4 cup of feta cheese

1/2 teaspoon Pampered Chef Dill Mix – or any dill seasoning mix

mix them up all together – yummers!!  (thanks for the idea Janet!)


8/27/2010  Recipe created by Karly~

Caribbean Inspired Chicken Salad
1-2  grilled chicken breasts cut into smaller pieces/ seasoned with just a little bit of fresh ground pepper.

1/2  feta cheese

1/2 cup red onions chopped

1/2 cup of red bell peppers chopped

1 small can of pineapple chunks

and last but not least, cilantro to taste.

Mix this all together and serve.  It is so00000 delicious!!!!!!  One of my favorites that I have recently cooked up.  Hope you enjoy!

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