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Thankful the glass is half full!

4 Feb

You ever have one of those weeks where nothing seems to go right? Like you are destined for bad luck? That was me this week.
Monday- woke up in a funk. Not in a bad mood just felt out of sync. And my eye… I swear there was something in it. Monday night into Tuesday, I was woken up 4 times between my crazy cat slapping me with her paw across my face and both my boys who had bad dreams.
Tuesday, I was a zombie. I am one of those who needs sleep or I am an idiot the following day. I literally had no idea what day it was. Coordination was not my friend. Yeah, let’s leave it at that. Tuesday night, felt like Ground Hogs day again except my cat didn’t smack me. She just ran around like a crazy thing so I finally had to get up and put her downstairs.
Wednesday, heating system in my house breaks down. The house is freezing! Thursday, I wake up again and my eye, my fricken eye is still killing me. I could swear I had something in it! I looked like a vampire or a one-eyed pirate. The house still freezing! Then, my husband and I went to the gym at lunch as usual to work out and for the first time ever we locked both sets of keys in our truck! Thursday afternoon, our heat is getting fixed but uh oh, it doesn’t look good. Might have to replace it because it is a dinosaur system. House is below 30 degrees! My family makes it through the night.
Friday, today, I finally go to the eye doctor. I re-tore my cornea in my right eye and that thing I swear that was in my eye was a piece of my cornea lodged up in my eye lid.
Yes, it had been a week but with all of this, I have so many things to be thankful for that never would have happened nor would I have discovered if these events didn’t happen. So here goes:
1- I have a great eye doctor who let me come in last minute and made my eye feel so much better! Thank you Dr.DeVleming!
2- The heating in my house was fixed but so thankful for hot water and a dryer that I warmed up my kids clothes in before they got dressed.
3- So glad that my husband let me snuggle up to him with my sub-zero degree hands and feet pressed up against him with no complaints.
4- I got to squat with weight this week!
5-Thankful that I have my beautiful boys who can wake me up whenever they want at night because I make them feel safe.
6- WSU parking services unlocked our truck for free and will do so for anyone on campus grounds.
7- I got to snuggle on the couch with my family to watch Kung Fu Panda in below 30 degree room temperature. We kept each other so warm we all fell asleep.
8- so thankful our pipes didn’t freeze and burst!
9-I got to run, really really run, at Physical Therapy today for the first time in 3 years!
10- So very thankful for my amazing husband who is so calm about everything and made sure that the heat got fixed!
This week has brought me love and laughter which are the two things in life that always pull me through no matter how frustrating things may get. In a snap shot this week could have been way worse but I didn’t freak out about it and I made sure I hit the gym to relieve stress.
All I can say now is I made it through the week and Thank God it is the weekend!
Karly Beth