Eating Clean???

27 Jun

I have had several requests from readers to define what I mean when I say “eating clean.” So, here goes…

First of all, let me list what I limit in my diet.

1. Avoid processed foods. I try to avoid anything in a box or that is packaged such as chips, cakes, cookies, hamburger helper, pudding, sweets, candy, pop, sugar drinks, hotdogs, ice cream, Mac & Cheese, frozen tv dinners, and baked goods like muffins, donuts and breads.

2. Say “NO” to fast foods!!!!!!! Limit eating out as much as possible. I say this because you don’t know what all they are putting in your food. At home, you have the control of what you are eating.

The reasons why I avoid the items above are because they are processed, have lots of refined sugar or high fructose syrup, contain bad fats known as LDL’s, and or have lots of sodium.

Did you know that refined sugar creates the same reaction in the body that morphine does? It affects the same part of the brain which is one of the main reasons why your body has the “satisfaction reaction” when you eat the sugar and is also why you crave these items too. No wonder it is so hard for people to stop eating this stuff!

Now on to what eating clean means to me. Basically, eating non-processed food as close to its whole version/original state as can be. This includes lean meats like grilled chicken, fish, turkey and red meats like sirloin steak. I also eat eggs ,scrambled or boiled. I try to avoid frying my food and grilling it or baking it instead and I use extra virgin olive oil when cooking as well. I also enjoy vegetables raw and cooked as well as all fruits. Dairy products such as low-fat or skim milk, greek yogurt because it is lower in carbs and sugar and has higher protein than regular yogurt, and low-fat cottage cheese. I also enjoy cheese and organic peanut butter. Nuts, that are unsalted are also great. When eating salads, I avoid salad dressing but I have never been a dressing gal. Dressings pack a ton of empty calories so if you must get dressing, try a light vinaigrette type dressing rather than a blue cheese or ranch dressing. I don’t eat bread very often and when I do, it is the carb right tortillas or the whole wheat tortillas. If I make pasta, I use whole grain noodles. I enjoy brown rice, red & sweet potatoes. I make homemade protein pancakes and protein bars, old-fashioned oatmeal, basic granola, green tea, coffee and lots and lots of water.

Once you rid your body of processed food, you will be amazed at how good you feel. I have been off of the processed food for almost a year now. It wasn’t easy at first. I would get really bad headaches and my mood swings were terrible. I craved this stuff like crazy. Then, after a month, it started to get easier and I didn’t miss the treats so much. I am satisfied through the other foods that I eat and I still get my sweet tooth kick by eating strawberries and pineapple with greek yogurt and granola.

My body is happy with the clean eating and there have been times when I have had the bad stuff and boy do I regret it after! I get sick and my stomach is miserable. When I am faced with eating the bad stuff, I ask myself if it is worth making myself sick over. 99% of the time, my answer is “NO.”

I hope this helps explain what I think is eating clean. If anyone has any questions, please let me know! Thank you!

Karly Beth

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