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Click on this link for a Good Laugh!

25 Jun

Promise me that if I start getting like this that you will tell me?!!

Karly Beth

Whatever Keeps You Motivated

25 Jun

Today I saw something interesting as I was doing stairs and lunges at the WSU Football field.  A guy and a frisbee.  He would throw the frisbee as hard and as far as he could and then when the frisbee landed, he would run as fast as he could to retrieve and then throw it again.  My first thought was, this guy is like a dog or something.  Throw and retrieve but then I realized, it must be his way of motivating himself. 

Being creative while staying fit helps because it keeps things new and exciting and you don’t feel like you are stuck in a rut by doing the same routine over and over again.  For those of you who can’t see yourself chasing after a frisbee for motivation, take your most prized possession and toss it as far away as possible in a crowd and then chase after it in hopes someone else doesn’t pick it up.  Ok, I was just kidding 🙂  But seriously, be creative and do things that are fun while you are exercising at the same time!

Karly Beth

Attack of the candy cravings!!!

25 Jun

Howdy folks!!

I will not lie to you.  I LOVE candy.  Everyone who knows me, or has worked with me, knows I have a drawer in my office that is FULL of candy.  Well, used to anyway (sorry guys.)

This was my biggest challenge.  How could I, Andrea – Queen of the Candy, Ms. MunchMouth, get through the day without: Jolly Ranchers, Twix, Licorice, Jelly Bellys, Starkist Fruit Gems, Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Bears…. well you get the point.  First, I had to cut it off cold turkey.  I gave it all away, put it out on my desk, or trashed it.

Next, I bought six packs of sugar-free gum (alright except for the juicy fruit).  I totally understand that six packs is excessive – but that’s how I roll.  (cannot believe I just said that).

My final step was finding a healthy substitute – and no, I am not talking carrot sticks.  I found, and fell in love with, ProMax Protein Bars.  Go ahead, roll your eyes – they are scrumptious.  With protein bars you have to be really careful that you aren’t over-doing it (with some, you might as well eat the Snickers).  Whenever I am dying for candy – I grab a nibble off of one of these, and my craving goes right out the window.  I suggest you try: Lemon, Nutty Butter Crisp, Cookie Dough, and German Chocolate Cake.  Also,  THEY SELL THEM AT WINCO!!!  (Imagine me, squealing with delight, breaking into the best happy dance you have EVER seen.)

If that doesn’t work… bust out the Juicy Fruit.

Until Next Time – Andrea