Do the Switcheroo!

30 Jan

Do you find yourself in an exercise rut? Tired of doing the same old thing and not seeing results? Want to know why???
It’s simple, change-up your routine. Our bodies are amazing “machines” and they adapt to exercise. That’s why in the beginning you feel so sore and tired with the burning feeling in your lungs and feeling like you want to die. Then magically as each week passes it gets easier and easier. Your body is adapting to the demands you are asking of it. Once adapted, it doesn’t take as much energy from your body to perform the exercise so then you start to see less results. What to do? Change machines, change intensity, change reps, change weight and guess what? Results!!!! Magic? Nope, its simple science and how the body functions.
So the next time you decide to do the same old thing, don’t. Choose a different method of cardio, choose heavier sets of weights, change something and above all work hard!!
Heres to change that everyone can benefit from!

Karly Beth

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