One Size Fits All- It’s a LIE!

15 Dec


We have all seen that infamous “one size fits all” label, but I have learned a long time ago, that it is a big lie! Just because it says “all” and just because you can fit into it doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for you. That same clothing item with that very same label for instance can be way to baggy on one person and just a bit to snug for another.
This whole thought came to me this morning as I saw my cat squeeze herself into a little basket on my bathroom floor. Sure, she got in but if you notice, her butt is bunched up and partially hanging off the end. Miss Kitty, clearly that is not a good fit nor can it possibly be comfortable for you.
So many people these days have sadly still not learned that one size truly does not fit all and this pertains to more than just clothing. This is the same for exercise, diet, rest, emotional well-being and so on. People must remember that what works for me isn’t necessarily going to benefit them. It is important to remember that each of us is unique so you need to be selective in what you chose to do for exercise, diet and so forth. It is that same theory that while one person needs only 6 hours of sleep to feel rested and ready to go in the morning requires me to sleep 9 hours in order to get the same effect. Or that person who can eat anything and everything and never gain a pound but if another person did the same thing they would be 20 pounds heavier in the blink of an eye. One size fits all does not exists people, stop thinking this way.
Until next time, cater to your specific needs, and listen to your body and mind. Once you do this, I believe you will realize that you deserve way more for your unique self than just a “one size fits all” label.
Karly Beth


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