She wasn’t the one that needed saving, it was me..

6 Dec

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, the Gomez family was on a Costco run as usual. We did our shopping and enjoyed lunch right after. We were ready to drive back home when my oldest son asked if we could go somewhere else before we went home. He tried to bribe us with the Home Depot and we instantly knew what he was up to. Conveniently, next to the Home Depot is Petco. Yes, smart boy. So we caved and said we would go and look at the animals but we were NOT getting a pet.
Of course, we walked in and the local Humane Society was there with over 25 cats and kittens just begging for a home. Of course we looked and loved on them but then decided it was time to go. As we were were leaving we noticed another adoption center in the corner of the store near the entrance containing a little black kitty with gorgeous amber eyes. She was sweet, curious and very playful. To make a long story short, we adopted that little kitty. Her name is Java.
I thought that I was the one saving her as she clearly needed a home and the poor thing was locked up in this little 2×2 cage, but after these past two weeks I have realized that she has actually saved me. She has brought additional love and laughter into our home and after a stressful day at work having her sit with me and cuddle while my husband works late at night has been a blessing. She is loving and crazy and everything in between, making her the perfect match for our family.
The lesson this little cat has given me is this- Sometimes, we don’t need to be the one saving others, sometimes it is others that save us when we least expect it but need it the most.
Until next time,
Karly Beth

One Response to “She wasn’t the one that needed saving, it was me..”

  1. Bethany December 7, 2011 at 4:43 am #

    She sounds so sweet, and I can’t wait to meet her! I am so glad she has brought so much joy into your lives! 🙂

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