29 Jan

Today’s topic is motivation.  Why do we do what we do and what motivates us to continue moving forward?  This subject is on my mind because a friend of mine made the comment that she would like to find the secret to motivation.  Well, it got my wheels turning!

There is no real secret to motivation.  It is different for us all, just like everything else in life.  What motivates me, may not motivate the person standing next to me.  Sometimes, motivation, is several different things, working in harmony that keeps a person going, and sometimes, something so simple can motivate a person to accomplish amazing things.

What also dawned on me, is that motivation doesn’t always have to come from the  “because I want to achieve this goal” mentality.  Sometimes, it is driven by a different factor.  That factor, is “what I don’t want to have happen, if I don’t reach the goal I have set out to do.  That can be a driving force that is more powerful than anything.

I have plenty of the Don’t factors on my list.  For example, I don’t want to get sick, so I eat clean and exercise.  I don’t want to keep having my husband and I working multiple jobs to support our family so I need to study and get certified.  I don’t want to sit behind a desk 5 days a week for 8 hours a day for the next 20 years.  Sometimes, negative factors are necessary to give yourself a push.

I find that it is also important, to remember that the picture that is painted in our minds for achieving certain goals, may not come out exactly as we wanted.  Sometimes, we have to be flexible, and patient depending on what paths we cross along the journey.  The important thing in the end, no matter how you get there, that you reach what you set out to do, and that you are happy with your results.  Don’t forget to hold onto faith and believe in yourself,  because without these two factors, nothing seems possible, but with them, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone,

Karly ~

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