Oh, you crazy little wall.

26 Jan

The first time I encountered the “invisible wall” I was in my 10th grade French class. I got in trouble for coming in late, and breaking through the invisible wall. You can imagine my surprise, confusion, exasperation… I really, thought I would never encounter this wall again.

Imagine my surprise when I met its older, meaner brother head on last weekend. I had a 70 minute run, and didn’t think much of it. That’s 8 miles – no biggie. The weekend before I banged out 7 miles, easy. as. pie.

Mile One: Whoo-hoo.

Mile Two: Whoo-hoo.

 Mile Three: Whoo-hoo.

Mile Four: Whoo-hoo.

Mile Five: Yay.

Mile Six: Huh… Mile Seven:

Wait a second….

Mile Eight: Dear God, What have I done!!

Hi, my name’s Andrea, and I was an idiot. I admit – I didn’t eat right for this, and I paid dearly. If I would have been carrying my cell phone I would have laid down on the trail, and called Karly to come get me in a little red wagon.

Bonking, Hitting the Wall – call it what you want… it sucks. I don’t recommend it. No amount of groovy tunes will pull you through. Fueling your body to run long distances is no joke. I haven’t fully wrapped my brain around this, and so I have asked for help. Thank goodness I am learning this when my long run is 8 miles, and not 18.

I have another 7+ mile run tomorrow, and you can bet your biscuits I will be preparing much differently. Wish me luck!!

May your day be filled with premium fuel,


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