Fitness is Not a “One Size Fits All”

11 Jan

What I love about fitness… there are so many options of what you can choose to do in order to be active and fit.  It’s not a “one size fits all” deal at all.  You can lift weights, run, play sports, walk, hike, do yoga or Pilates, kick-boxing, cycling or a new form of crossfit which I just learned about yesterday.  Tabata.  My husband told me about this intense 4 minute workout called tabata and how it was supposed to be amazing and extremely challenging.  You can find different types of exercises on YouTube for example that incorporate this type of exercise.   Over 4 minutes, you do 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest and you repeat it until you are finished which ends up being 8 times.  During your work sets, you give it your all and go as fast as you can without sacrificing form.  Your goal is to of course survive all 8 sets, but to also increase your reps each time you do the exercise series again.  It is pretty awesome, and I hope that you will give it a whirl!  It’s a lot like HITT really, which is what I do for cardio.  Tabata is fascinating for sure, and holy wow, it is challenging!

You got it, I tried it today since I was home with a sick child and was feeling slightly restless.  I did  tabata squats and then some upper body exercises with my resistance bands using the same techniques!  Wow!  My legs and upper body along with my lungs were all on fire!!!!  It was great! 

I have attached a couple of workouts that we watched the other night just so you can get a feel as to what it is that I am talking about.

So, don’t give up if you haven’t found your fit activity just yet because there are so many options to choose from.  Don’t be shy to try new things either, because then you will learn what types of exercise you enjoy and which ones you don’t.

Until next time, try a new fit activity, you might just like it!


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