Cooking with your Kids

13 Dec

If you haven’t noticed, I love to cook.  There is such a great feeling, preparing a healthy, home cooked meal for my family.  The next best thing to that, is having my 7-year old Felix help me cook. 

This morning, as my husband headed to the gym, I put on a movie for my youngest son and then quietly called to my oldest son and asked, “You want to help me make breakfast?”  Felix took off shouting, ” Yes! Yes! Yes!  I’ll get my bench!”  And was on his way to the kitchen. 

We happen to be making french toast and eggs this morning so he was especially excited because he loves french toast!  He gets to scramble the eggs, dip the bread slices in eggs, and place them on the griddle.  And then, the most exciting part… he gets to flip the french toast! 

Now, I have learned that there are a few things that he isn’t ready to do just yet, like cracking eggs open.  The last time we attempted that, a few shells made their way into the scrambled eggs.  In time though, he will be fully cable of cracking eggs! 

Preparing meals with your kids allows them to see what all is being made and when it comes to eating it, they are more likely to eat everything on their plate as they helped prepare it.   Cooking with your kids also helps teach them how to choose healthier meal options rather than just wanting to go out to eat, and even better yet, as adults, they will be able to cook for themselves and their families because they were taught as kids.

So, the next time you are getting ready to make breakfast, lunch or dinner, invite a little helper to cook by your side and even if the kitchen gets messier than usual, it will be well worth the clean up when you see how proud your child is for helping you prepare the food.

Happy Cooking!

Karly ~

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