Better Than?!?

12 Dec

We all have them.  Those friends and family members who are “better than you,” smarter, faster, busier, more tired, have the most, know everything, do more, read more, eat the healthiest, work out the most, and on, and on, and on.  If you don’t smack them first, a conversation usually goes:  You – “Man, I am tired.”  Them, “Oh, me too!  I did this, that, and the other thing, and was up until 3:00am saving the world – then got up at 4:00am because I just had things to do.”  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  Sorry Charlie, but that doesn’t make me any less tired.

These people used to make me mad, frustrated, sad, and left me feeling so very bad – and guilty for even mentioning that I might be tired or busy – in the face of their mountain of tasks.  But then it dawned on me – they must be so miserable if they feel that they need to compete with someone on who can be the most tired.  It also showed me that I can’t feel bad enough, sad enough, or guilty enough – to make them feel better.  So, why even bring myself down at all.  My feelings are authentic, and they’re not going away.

I recently came across a quote:  “You can’t be better than anyone else, but you can be better than you used to be.”  I LOVE that.  I would like a shirt that says that, to wear around these ultra competitive people.

I promise you, that you will never be able to be a better Andrea than I already am.  (You see, I have had years of practice.)  But you can be a better you.  Listen to what others are telling you – instead of thinking of a comeback, or how their thoughts aren’t valid because you are soooooo much more (fill in the blank) than them, or how you already know what their telling you.  Maybe by listening, and not waiting to make your next move, you can be a better you.  Now, wouldn’t that be something.

May your day be filled with patience,

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