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Don’t Run Angry.

2 Dec

As most of you know earlier this year I obtained a membership to the University Recreation Center.  It has a pool, an indoor track, and generally more options for me and my needs.  (Marcia, Marcia, Marcia)

It also has its fair share of crazies, sorority gals (that “get ready” to go to the gym), stinky boys, and hardcore gym rats. (Yes, I am stereotyping – stop being offended.)

I don’t quite consider myself “hardcore” yet.  When my long run is over 2 hours – that’s when I will consider myself “hardcore”.  Anyhow, I was on the track today for 46 minutes AND I have a few “new rules” if you will…

  1.  I have already been running for 20 minutes.  Don’t jump on the track, zoom by me for one lap, then jump off, and brag to your friends how you are “faster” than me.  A. No one told me we were racing.  B. YOU RAN ONE LAP!!!!
  2. Do not walk in the run lane, and do not run in the walk lane.  Again, when you run on the inside lane and I run on the outside lane – we aren’t running the same distance.  Don’t pretend like we are.  The lanes are clearly marked “walk” and “run” – READ!!!!
  3. We are indoors, not outdoors.  Don’t spit on the track.  I will ninja kick you in the throat if you do that again. (or, just give you a dirty look and say “wow, you’re gross” – either way.)  Yuck.

So, there you have it.  Now that I have gotten that out of my system – I had a pretty good run today. 

Until Next Time –