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Icicles in Your Eyelashes.

19 Dec

Yesterday was a test for me; on so many different levels.

I had a huge track work out that I knew I needed to accomplish; I was sore, it was cold and snowing outside, but I bundled up in my gear and ventured out anyhow.

By the time I made it to the track, the snow was really coming down.  I laced my sneaks up tight, and began the warm up: 20 minutes.  Upon taking my very first turn – I realized just how slick the snow and track were.  I had to slow it down, and really watch my footing.  So, you know, I didn’t end up ass over tea kettle.

Karly got there just in time to help with the timed laps, or pure torture in those conditions.  (Thank you so much my dear!)  My timed laps looked a little something like this: run a lap, walk ½ a lap, repeat to the tune of 9 times.  The snow was coming down, the wind was blowing, water and tears were running down my face, my feel were wet, snow/sleet was building up along my arms and chest, and I had icicles in my eyelashes.  But I succeeded.  I did it!!  Mission accomplished.  I was pretty darn proud of myself.  My average lap time was about 2:11 – which, I feel, was pretty good considering the conditions.

Just goes to show you: you are tougher than you imagine, where there’s a will there’s a way, with good friends anything is possible, and YOU GOTTA WANT IT!!

See y’all at the New Year’s Race!

May your days be filled with warmth and icicle free eyelashes.



This Cookie isn’t Giving Up!

16 Dec

Some of you may have already heard, but I finally got an answer on my hip.  I have a laberal tear which will require surgery, however, I am still in the game and really this surgery isn’t going to be a big deal.  It is an outpatient procedure.  I still have to go through the logistics with the surgeon, but once I meet with him, I will know exactly how and when to plan my surgery.  Recovery will be the biggest deciding factor.  If all goes well and I can choose to have it done a little later, than I am going to wait and have it done in August.  I have been dealing with this pain for almost 2 years now so I am going to push through and still compete in the Emerald Cup and then to Nationals in July.  This cookie isn’t done!  I have been through so much these past few years.  I have been poked, prodded, shocked (literally during nerve testing) had over 15 needles inserted into different parts of my muscles through out my entire right leg and had to contract my muscles at the same time!  Pain, isn’t going to be what stops me from doing what I love.

Holding on to the positive and reaffirming my faith and hope for answers and resolutions have kept me going. I have so much to look forward to.  I look forward to the day when I can walk without pain and without having clunking and popping.  I look forward to being able to run again, and chase after my boys.  I look forward to doing fun runs and playing basketball with my oldest son.  I look forward to coming back and competing after surgery and being even better than before.

Thank you to everyone for all of your prayers and support.  2011 is going to be an excellent year!

Karly Beth~

Umbrellas in Your Drink.

14 Dec

You only live once.  Life is short.  Make the most of what you have.

Just in case you forgot – here are a couple of rules from “curly girl” and others to make you smile!

  1. “Life is far too short not to have a little umbrella in your drink” – Curly Girl
  2. “Do one thing every day that scares you” – Eleanor Roosevelt
  3. “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” – Emerson.
  4. “Shake the tree of life and bring down fruits unheard of!” – Edwin Arlington Robinson
  5. “Life is tough.  I recommend getting a manicure and a cute helmet.” – Curly Girl
  6. “Any given moment can change your life; you just have to be there.” – Curly Girl
  7. “Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your grandparents had a different word for burger flipping-they called it opportunity.” – Bill Gates
  8. “You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” —Wayne Gretzky
  9. “Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.” – André Gide
  10.  “When in doubt, dance it out.”

 “The world is full of people who will live their whole lives, and not actually live one day.  I do not intend on being one of them!”

May your day be filled with moments of skipping with delight!


Cooking with your Kids

13 Dec

If you haven’t noticed, I love to cook.  There is such a great feeling, preparing a healthy, home cooked meal for my family.  The next best thing to that, is having my 7-year old Felix help me cook. 

This morning, as my husband headed to the gym, I put on a movie for my youngest son and then quietly called to my oldest son and asked, “You want to help me make breakfast?”  Felix took off shouting, ” Yes! Yes! Yes!  I’ll get my bench!”  And was on his way to the kitchen. 

We happen to be making french toast and eggs this morning so he was especially excited because he loves french toast!  He gets to scramble the eggs, dip the bread slices in eggs, and place them on the griddle.  And then, the most exciting part… he gets to flip the french toast! 

Now, I have learned that there are a few things that he isn’t ready to do just yet, like cracking eggs open.  The last time we attempted that, a few shells made their way into the scrambled eggs.  In time though, he will be fully cable of cracking eggs! 

Preparing meals with your kids allows them to see what all is being made and when it comes to eating it, they are more likely to eat everything on their plate as they helped prepare it.   Cooking with your kids also helps teach them how to choose healthier meal options rather than just wanting to go out to eat, and even better yet, as adults, they will be able to cook for themselves and their families because they were taught as kids.

So, the next time you are getting ready to make breakfast, lunch or dinner, invite a little helper to cook by your side and even if the kitchen gets messier than usual, it will be well worth the clean up when you see how proud your child is for helping you prepare the food.

Happy Cooking!

Karly ~

Better Than?!?

12 Dec

We all have them.  Those friends and family members who are “better than you,” smarter, faster, busier, more tired, have the most, know everything, do more, read more, eat the healthiest, work out the most, and on, and on, and on.  If you don’t smack them first, a conversation usually goes:  You – “Man, I am tired.”  Them, “Oh, me too!  I did this, that, and the other thing, and was up until 3:00am saving the world – then got up at 4:00am because I just had things to do.”  AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  Sorry Charlie, but that doesn’t make me any less tired.

These people used to make me mad, frustrated, sad, and left me feeling so very bad – and guilty for even mentioning that I might be tired or busy – in the face of their mountain of tasks.  But then it dawned on me – they must be so miserable if they feel that they need to compete with someone on who can be the most tired.  It also showed me that I can’t feel bad enough, sad enough, or guilty enough – to make them feel better.  So, why even bring myself down at all.  My feelings are authentic, and they’re not going away.

I recently came across a quote:  “You can’t be better than anyone else, but you can be better than you used to be.”  I LOVE that.  I would like a shirt that says that, to wear around these ultra competitive people.

I promise you, that you will never be able to be a better Andrea than I already am.  (You see, I have had years of practice.)  But you can be a better you.  Listen to what others are telling you – instead of thinking of a comeback, or how their thoughts aren’t valid because you are soooooo much more (fill in the blank) than them, or how you already know what their telling you.  Maybe by listening, and not waiting to make your next move, you can be a better you.  Now, wouldn’t that be something.

May your day be filled with patience,

Overtraining…Your Worst Nightmare-

12 Dec

I know that I am always pushing everyone to get active and work out however, there is something else that you need to be aware of if you are active.  Overtraining.  This really can be your worst nightmare.  If you are working out t0o many days of the week, not eating correctly, and not resting enough you could very well fall victim to overtraining.  Your body absolutely needs to have rest and time to recover and repair from the workouts you are putting it through.  How do you know if you are overtraining?  Here are some signs and symptoms that could indicate you are overtraining:

  • Persistent muscle soreness (Delayed onset muscle soreness)
  • Persistent fatigue
  • Elevated resting heart rate
  • Increased susceptibility to infection
  • Increased incidence of injuries
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Mental breakdown
  • Weight loss and loss of muscle strength

Muscles and strength can only improve after the rest period following hard workout. This process can take days to complete  (usually about 72 hours) and of course it depends on the intensity and duration of exercise leading to the overtrained state.  If your body doesn’t get the sufficient rest it needs, then the muscle regeneration cannot occur.  When this imbalance persists, than a person performance will then start to plateau and decline. Depending on how severe the overtraining is, it can take several days, weeks or even months for the body to fully recover from overtraining.

People who are malnourished and dieting a lot while exercising are also at high risk for overtraining. This is because their body isn’t getting the sufficient nourishment it needs in order for the body to repair itself.

It is also important that you have a structured workout schedule that allows you to work different muscle groups on different days so that you can allow other muscle groups to recover from your previous day’s workout.  Enlisting in the help of a personal trainer is an excellent idea.  A personal trainer can help design a routine that is best suited for your body and your needs so that you can stay on track, allow your muscles to recover and have a trained professional helping you each step of the way.

Making sure to get your zzzzz’s as well as time out of the gym is also important.  Cell repair and regeneration are at its highest when you are asleep, so making sure you are aiming for that 8 hours of sleep is crucial when you are training.

One of my favorite phrases I like to use is work the muscle, feed the muscle, rest the muscle.  By doing these three simple things, you can help reduce the risk of overtraining significantly.

Until next time, train hard, nourish your body, and rest.


This is my Zen

11 Dec

Training.  This is my zen.  It doesn’t matter where I am, I can make it happen.  All I need are a few items and I am set.  I don’t need fancy shoes,  fancy matching workout attire, or even a fancy smancy gym.  When I want to exercise and relieve some stress all I have to do is focus and rely on the very basics.  My mind lets everything else go.  This is my form of meditation.  When I am finished, I feel refreshed, clear-headed and ready to go.

 Not all exercising is about playing sports, lifting weights or doing cardio.  Balance and muscle endurance is another way to target the muscles.  Try lifting and balancing yourself so that your body is parallel to the ground.  Hold it for as long as you can.  Keep everything tight through your core.  You will be amazed out how challenging something as simple as balancing can be.   This exercise helps me clear my head and focus on form.  This is a great way to challenge the mind to keep going when you are feeling the pain and burning throughout your muscles. 

Don’t forget about a few other basics, like dumbbell push-ups and good old sit-ups.  These are all exercises you can do right in your living room.   Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. Challenging yes, but not complicated. 

Until next time, simplify…


Believe and You Will Achieve- My Random Thought for the Day

10 Dec

If you tell yourself that you can’t do something, you certainly will never do it.  You are the only person that can truly tell yourself “no” and stand in your way. 

 Tell yourself, “maybe I could do that”, starts to open up the idea of possibilities.  Tell yourself “I can do that”, opens up the doors to great things that you will achieve.  It is all about attitude.  Believe in yourself and you will be.


Whey supplemented drinks lower blood pressure

8 Dec

You have got to read this!!!  Great news!!!!



7 Dec

Hey all!  I thought I would post up a few fun facts that I think you should know.

1)  Did you know that 0.5 pounds of muscle is what an adult over the age of 25 will lose every year if they don’t keep active?  Muscles are a Use it, or lose it!

2)  For every pound of muscle you have, you burn an extra 50 calories a day!  Wow!!  Just think of the possibilities!

3)  A pound of muscle takes up less space in your body than a pound of fat.  A person that weighs 150 lbs. with 19% body fat is going to look much smaller and leaner than a person who weighs 150 pounds with 35% body fat.

4) Even someone who is “skinny” can be over fat (the amount of body fat they carry) which means they are still at risk for dangers such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and so on!!!

If you don’t know what your body fat is now, find out!  It is more important than what the little scale is reading!!  Need to know where you can get tested?  Go to your local gym or to your doctor.  It’s that simple!!  WSU Recreational Center offers free body composition testing the first Wednesday and Thursday of every month so no excuses if you live in the Palouse area!!

These are 4 great reasons why you should train with resistance and weights!  Plus, the more muscle you maintain as you age, means the longer you will have your independence to live life.  No walker for me!  – A major bonus in my book!

Until next time, pump some iron!!