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Songs to Get Your Booty Movin’ Vol. 3

23 Nov

Here is my current running playlist – some might be repeats, that just means they are that fabulous.  Enjoy.

1.  Uprising – Muse
2.  Dynamite – Taio Cruz
3.  I Like It – Enrique
4.  Not Afraid – Eminem
5.  DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love – Usher
6.  Only Girl – Rihanna
7.  Raise Your Glass – Pink
8.  F**k You – Cee Lo
9.  The Time – Black Eyed Peas
10. Hey Baby – Pitbull
11. All I Ever Wanted – Kelly Clarkston.

Happy listening!!!

Hate Mail from the Postman and Other Winter Treats.

23 Nov

Good Morning Everyone –

Well, blizzard is right.  My eyes burn from just looking out the window, and my dog isn’t quite sure where she is supposed to pee (since she can’t really squat – the snow is THAT high).

On these days I sit back and think of all of the joys this season brings… lets reflect.

1.  Our postman writes us hate mail in the winter.  I suppose he doesn’t understand that we, oh – I don’t know, WORK.  So, if he comes by at noon and our steps aren’t bare and dry we get, “CLEAN OFF YOUR STEPS” scribbled across our letters.  Oh Mr. Postman, one of these days I will coat those steps with a nice thin layer of ice.

2.  You carefully trudge your way through the snow – taking careful placed step after careful placed step.  You finally make it inside, and for just one second you let your guard down.  You eagerly head to your office, and BAM!! you go down in a blaze of glory.  You make a loud noise like a bowling ball hitting the floor, and anything you may have had in your hands goes flying.  Thank you everyone – I’ll be here all week.

3.  After grocery shopping for an hour, and having to heave your cart toward your car (because they can’t plow the parking lot) – you finally make it home.  All the groceries are put away, and your feeling good about life.  The next day you go to get in your car, and what before your wondering eyes does appear?? A case of Mountain Dew (for the husband) that has exploded – hooray for freezing temps.

4.  Shiloh, “Did you leave the bathtub running?”  Andrea, “No, why would I do that?”  Shiloh, “Don’t you hear water running?”  Andrea, “I guess, but where would that come from???”  One broken pipe and a basement full of water later…. Shiloh, “Let’s not forget to turn the outside water off again.”

I hope you all stay safe and sane this winter!!  and may your days be merry and bright!!

Until next time,