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Andrea’s Top 11 Pampered Chef List

9 Nov

Good Mornin’ Everyone!!

In honor of Karly’s upcoming Pampered Chef Fundraiser – here is my list of my top 11 things.  I love each and every one of these guys, and use them almost every time I cook.  They are in no particular order.

1.  Food Chopper: One of our most popular kitchen tools… and with good reason! Durable, stainless rotating blades uniformly chop veggies, nuts, and cooked meat in seconds.  Item #: 2585  $31.00

2.  Easy Read Measuring Cups: An angled design and clear, durable plastic make it easy to read standard and metric measures from above.  No more standing on your head!!  Item #: 2175  $23.00

3.  Classic Batter Bowl:  Mix, store, bake, and pour in these.  With measurements on the side and easy to grip handles they are a bakers dream.  Did I mention they even have a lid!!!  Item #: 2230  Price: 15.00

4.  Large Pizza Stone:  If you haven’t ever cooked on a stone – you are sooo missing out.  They are fabulous.  Item #: 1371  Price: 32.00

5.  Mix N Chop:  AKA Hamburger Smasher Thingy – This is the best tool for cooking hamburger, smashing avocados, bananas, yams – you name it.  Item #: 2583  Price: $10.50

6.  Bamboo Spoon Set: More durable than traditional wood, bamboo resist staining, cracking, and warping.  Item #: 1674  Price:  $9.50

7. Classic Scrapers:  Oh these bad boys are FAMOUS!!  Heavy duty silicone heads that are fused to the handles, so you never have to worry about them falling off in your batter.  They won’t crack, burn, melt or stain.  They are also heat-resistant up to 650 degrees!!  Item #: 1650  Price: 11.50

8.  Color Coated Tomato Knife:  This is perfect for personal steaks, fruits, and some veggies – sharp and fantastic.  It has a non-stick coating, and cleans up wonderfully.  Item #: 1064  Price: $15.00

9.  Deep Covered Baker:  They call this the crock pot for your microwave.  It will change the way you think about dinner.  I love, love, love mine.  Item #: 3300  Price: $85.00

10.  Grill Pan with Press:  For healthier grilling!!  No need for oils or butter here!  A ridged base gives foods rich, seared grill marks and keeps them out of the drippings.  Item #’s: 2868 and 2875, $135.00 and $34.00 worth every penny!!

11.  1-Cup and 2-Cup Prep Bowls:  I probably use these more than anything else.  For leftovers, for lunch containers, for “here hold this for a second” – they are my “go to” device.  Item # 1825 and # 1742  Price: $20.00 and $15.00

Don’t miss out on these great kitchen gadgets – and don’t forget to support Karly in her Pampered Chef Fundraiser.  Just go to click on the “shop online” link, and enter Karly as your host.  Happy Shopping!!