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Please, Oh Please, Don’t Do That!

27 Oct

As we all know,  or most of us know, there is a certain etiquette a person is supposed to follow while working out in a gym.  Granted, I know that they aren’t always followed and for the most part, I can handle them no problem because I am usually pretty distracted with my workout.  Really, sweat, bad B.O., slamming down weights, grunting, the person who never wipes of the machine after they have dripped sweat all over it, the poser who is always checking themselves out in the mirror, the excessive noise maker, the man wearing extremely short shorts that really shouldn’t be.  Doesn’t bother me.  However, today, I saw something that just was gross.  Please, oh please, do not stand in front of the mirror and pick your pimples.  GROSS!!!!!  Save that stuff for home.  The thing that was even more bizzare is that this guy was oblivious to me standing next to him!  People these days! So, I did my best to control my facial expressions, turned and walked away trying not to vomit.

Ok, I feel better now.  Until next time, mind your manners when you are in the gym, or anywhere for that matter, and have a great day!