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So you want to know my running schedule?

19 Oct

Hey Folks!!

I have had some requests for my running schedule, and I am happy to share.  I should warn you now though – I – 80% – of the time log my runs by minutes, not miles.  I often run in the grass around a church, so I really have no idea of how far I have gone.  This is a really good thing for me because otherwise I would get hyper-focused and twitchy.  Not what I need right now.  I am working on building my foundation.  I also swim and weight train during the week, but here is my schedule.

Andrea’s Super Easy Week Schedule (This happens to be my “rest” week).

Monday – 30 minutes

Tuesday – 20 minutes with 15 X 100 meters

Wednesday – off

Thursday – 30 minutes

Friday – off

Saturday – 20 minutes with 15 X 100 meters.

Next week should be more difficult, and I will post it when I get it.

Until next time,