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Food Matters

13 Oct

Last night I watched a documentary and it was fascinating!  So much, that I am now posting it on the blog for all of you to take a look at.  It focuses on the basic concept of… We are what we eat.  Below are a few links to the video.  This is a must see!  You will be amazed at what you learn!!!!!!

So, According to my Doctor, I am a Zebra….

13 Oct

As many of you know, I have been struggling with a hip injury for the past year and a half and if you didn’t know that, yes, I walk around and workout with pain every day, but this is the turning point in my life which was what started this chapter of me competing . After I fell, I couldn’t run or so walk a lot with out clunking and popping pains and sounds coming from my right hip.  I have been to several doctors, who in the end are all stumped.  Today, I went to Spokane to visit the best of the best hip surgeons in the Eastern region of Washington State.  My visit was good, very informative with a little hope in there until I was told that I am a zebra.  An analogy that basically means I am not a horse which is what comes to peoples’ minds when you think of galloping,  but a zebra which = you are very rare and I have never seen this before.  Well, luckily, this doctor has given me a scouts honor that he is going to do everything possible to find out what is wrong with my hip and give me all the options that can fix it so I can be back to the Karly I once was.  All I can think about is, how I will be able to play tag and chase my kids around and how much better my legs will be when I can run and lift heavier without pain!!!  So what is next in my adventure to being healed?  A special MRI to show how much healing has taken place as well as to look at the hip and ball socket joint in detail to see if I have a laberal tear or a tendon that has scar tissue on it causing it to catch every time I walk.

I am hopeful, as alwasy, because, that is all I can be.  This journey has not been an easy one, but it is one that changed my life for the better.  I look back and wonder had this never happened, would I have ever decided to compete?  I am not sure but I am glad that I am doing it now.  

I will be honest, I am very scared and a bit nervous because if surgery is in my future, what will that do to my dreams of getting my pro-card?  All the work that I have put into my legs and butt over the past year could all dissappear in a blink of an eye if I have surgery and can’t get right back in the gym.  There is also the risk that it might make things worse and then I will be kicking myself because I could have just stayed the way I am now which isn’t great, but better than being damaged goods forever.  It is a hard thing to think about being only 31.  So young to be having hip problems like this.  BUT, I have to look up and keep my thoughts on the positive.  I will be healed someday, I just have to be.

What I have learned through this whole process is that I am so much stronger than I thought I was, I don’t let the pain win and I don’t use excuses to not workout.  I have learned forgiveness, patience, and have learned to try and look at the good out of all that has happened.  We may never understand the paths that God has laid out for us while we are traveling on them, but I know this path that I am heading down now has a bigger and more important purpose for me and I will see and understand it when the time is right. 

Until next time, be thankful and never take for granted for all that you have- mind, body, and soul. You never know when something can take any of those things away. I learned that, the hard way.