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Taking a Long Week Off Can Be Tough After a Competition

7 Oct

After all the planning and thrills of the Iron Man weekend, I am now in the post week of a competition.  What many competitors don’t realize is that it is very easy to have trouble transitioning back to the “normal” non-contest mode.  Honestly, you can get down right depressed!  I have been a little down and because I am taking the week off to help my body rest and recover from the last week of pre-contest work, I am finding that I am a bit frustrated because I miss being in the gym.  I love lifting weights!  It is my zen, my stress relief, my coping mechanism, my happy place. 

If you are getting ready for a competition now, preparing for post competition should also be on your list of things to do.  Be prepared to rest and eat well.  Your body will thank you later.  If you find you are depressed a bit or are having trouble adjusting your diet back to a more normal diet, take it slowly, keep eating every 2-3 hours and still drink tons of water.  Don’t crash and burn by eating everything in sight and be sure to still make good choices.  If you haven’t had caffeine or sugar for a long time, be careful!  You will end up feeling like you are in a slump and will have massive headaches if you eat the stuff.  If you fear getting fat because you are so used to be lean for competition, still rest but feel free to do some light cardio or go for a walk and stretch.  Once the recovery week is over, you can get back in the gym, and because you took care of yourself and rested and ate properly for at least a week, you are going to see some great gains!

Another thing to do to help get your mood up is set new goals.  For example, my goals for now are:  Finish studying for  my ACE Certification so I can take the exam by January, compete at the Emerald Cup in April, and pick a National Competition to compete in this summer.  In the gym, I plan on continuing to build my quads, thicken my back, shape my shoulders more and work on leaning out my lower half.  With all of these goals written down, I now have new adventures to look forward to.

Until next time, take it easy and relax.  That is what I am doing.  A sweet reward for my success this weekend.