Karly takes 1st Place in the Figure C Division at WA Iron Man

4 Oct

Greetings everyone!  Well, I did it!!! I took first in my class and got to battle for the over all title.  I didn’t win that but it was such a thrill to be one of the top figure physiques that night.  I had an amazing time, met a ton of wonderful people, and got my tiara!!!  Below are pictures of the evening.  Today, I am taking a very well deserved day off.  I am catching up on laundry, unpacking everything from this weekend’s trip and I am going to decorate the house for Halloween.  This week will be the adjustment week for my body.  Lots of rest, no weight training, still eating clean, and again, just resting. There is always an adjustment for competitors coming off of the preparation and thrill of a competition.  My goal is to take it slow, make some new goals and start up again after next week.  I miss it already 😦 But, on the bright side,  a new journey awaits me!

One Response to “Karly takes 1st Place in the Figure C Division at WA Iron Man”

  1. Amber Harwood October 5, 2010 at 4:58 am #

    Congrats!!!! You look amazing! and amazing eating that burger….BOY! am I ever hungry!

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