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Just Too Funky!!

27 Sep

First, so very sorry that I haven’t blogged for a while.  My life was a little on the hectic side – work had taken over there for a bit, but since I am taking the day off… I have time to get caught up on a few things.

So, I have been reading a lot about running lately, and while I get that I can’t do every single tip that comes my way (or I would be a supa freak) – there have been a few that I have picked up on.  This whole notion of “barefoot running” – this, as they say, is why the Kenyans are so great.  They have really strong feet.  The stronger your feet – the better you run.  Oh, and it may have something to do with generations of them having to run 40 miles to school….

Let’s just say that if I had an Indian name – it would be “Walks with Tenderfeet”.  I can’t really do the barefoot thing, because, well… I am a huge sissy.  The moment I hit a rough patch I am doubled over, and trying to tiptoe my way across the danger zone.  Not super helpful.

BUT!!!  I found a solution!!  Vibrams.  Okay – I get it.  They look freaky, but they are so great.  Yes, they make my feet look like cavemen feet – but they are comfortable, and they help strengthen my feet.  They have a tendency to scare the masses.  I wore them to work one day only to have my brother exclaim, “What the Hell!!  I don’t like it – I don’t like it one bit!!”.  

I need to wear them a little more regularly before I go running in them.  I don’t want to strain my feet – or cause injury, but one day folks.   One day.

Here’s to being different!!

Until next time,