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Alright, Let’s Air it Out.

6 Sep

Alright, Alright – Here it goes.

What Andrea’s secretly working on…  So, most of you know that I have been running and that I am really enjoying it.  I have gotten suggestions to run this, that, and the other. BUT – what I secretly have up my sleeve is to run the Portland Marathon next year.  Even crazier – I would like to do it in qualifying time for the Boston.  I know that is a huge. gigantic. you are so freaking crazy – goal.  But, I am planning to give it my all.

I have never felt this way about something athletic before.  I am in love with the “sport.”  All I do is think about it, want to read about it, want to learn about, and want to do it.  Yes, I realize this is coming from one of the least competitive people in the world.  I was joking yesterday, that if I am playing a sport (basketball) where some crazy woman is waving her hands, and running at me – all because she wants what I have…. she can go ahead and have it!  Also, not a big fan of getting hit in the face with a gigantic piece of plastic all in the name of sports.  Nope.  No thanks!!  I like my face too much.

So, there you have it.  Cat’s out of the bag.

Until Next Time,