I Want to Hear From You!

2 Sep

Hello everyone!  I want to hear what you are all up to in your fitness goals.  Tell me what goals you have set, or what you do to stay fit or eat healthy.  This is also a great way to give everyone ideas to keep their fitness training and goals exciting!

I also want to acknowledge several of our readers and friends of mine for accomplishing great milestones in their fitness goals.  So here goes!

Congratulations to Elizabeth Walker for running her butt off this week!  Awesome Job!  Keep up the good work and let me know how you are doing and if I can do anything to help!

Congrats to my Bestest Friend in the world.. MISS ANDREA!  Props to her for swimming her butt off this weekend and the past few days to the point that she can’t move her arms!  Way to go Andrea!  Keep pushing yourself!

I also want to say congrats to Esther Bates Murdock for setting her new goals to walk every morning and afternoon and to bring more healthy cooking into her life!  I am so excited to do what I can to help and I look forward to hearing all about her success!

Remember, part of reaching goals is also having the support and encouragement around you!  I wish all of you the best in all your goals whether they are for your health or for your life in general.  I send my strength and support to you all.


One Response to “I Want to Hear From You!”

  1. Liz September 2, 2010 at 4:49 am #

    Thanks Karly – Well like you said I have been running. My immediate goal is to run my second half marathon on October 2 and to increase my speed. My biggest challenge right now is getting my eating better to reflect my fitness goals. Okay, well off to the treadmill to run…like I said I really wish I liked mornings better. 🙂

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