Stop Selling Yourself Short!

31 Aug

Exactly!  Stop selling yourself short.  Have you told yourself you can’t be healthy and in shape?  That you just don’t have the time?  Have you told yourself you will do it next week, next month, or next year?  Well…. Stop it! Stop putting yourself off.

Everyone should remember that the only person standing in their way of reaching their fitness goals is themselves!  You are the only person that tells you “No, I can’t do that, or look like that.”  You are the only one that can sabotage yourself, so… STOP IT!

Aren’t you worth taking care of?  Don’t you want to feel good, and have more energy?  If you are a parent, don’t you want to be a good example for your child(ren)?

If you answered yes to any of the questions I just asked above, then here is the next step.  Make a goal, write it down, and accomplish it.  It can be as simple as 1) Stop drinking pop & 2) walk for 30 minutes a day.  Once you reach those goals, write down some more.  Set short-term goals to reach along with a longer term goal.  It is proven that when you actually write down your goals and have them around to remind you of what you set out to do, that you will be more successful at doing so.  It is hard to reach a goal, if you can’t remember it, right?

I have goals that I set each day, week, month, and so on.  I keep challenging myself and guess what?  I am reaching my goals!  It feels great, and I want everyone around me to know how great they can feel by accomplishing their fitness goals.

So from now on, Stop telling yourself, “I can’t or what if I fail?”  Why not try, “Yes I can, and what if I succeed?”

Have a great week everyone!


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