A Lesson Learned About Neon Pink-Post-It-Notes

23 Aug

It was leg day and cardio last night at the gym.  Manuel (my husband and trainer) wrote out my routine on a neon pink post-it-note so I would remember what to do.  I made it through the exercises and then it was time to do cardio.  Problem…  I didn’t have any pockets… so I stuck my pink post-it-note in my sports bra and went on my merry way.  15 minutes later of intense, heart pounding, sweating cardio, I was done. 

I went home and went to change my clothes and remembered that I had stuck my post-it-note in my sports bra.  I had to peel the dang thing off my skin… when I looked down after removing the post-it-note I had a perfect neon pink square on my chest.  It has yet to come off and I have showered twice since!

 Lesson learned…. Never stick a neon pink post it note in your sports bra when exercising!  It stains the skin!


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