All 10 Fingers – Check, All 10 Toes – Check

15 Aug

I’m baaaaaack!!!  And I had a wonderful time, yes you read that right – please don’t faint.

It turned out to be a 6.3 mile hike (each way) with a 7500 ft climb – and I think I did alright.  I didn’t bitch, or complain, or sit down on the edge of the trail and cry (which – I shit you not, we saw someone doing… okay it was like a 10-year-old, but still.)  I put in my headphones, and just went with it.  I didn’t see any snakes, or bears, so life was good.  My backpack was probably waaaaayyy heavier than it needed to be – maybe it had something to do with the large bottle of Gatorade and bottle of icy-hot that I smuggled in (much to Shiloh’s dismay – I wish I had a picture of his face when I took them out of my backpack).

I did end up buying some trail shoes and “not cotton” clothes, because I was told I was not allowed to go “atkinson” and show up at the trail with my shorts and flip-flops.  (because apparently only he has the special “hike in flip-flops skills” – and I have seen them with my own eyes and they are impressive). Whatever.  I think I would have been fine.  My new shoes were pretty great though, and I didn’t have any blisters – AND I didn’t need all those extra socks I packed.

As soon as we got to camp, and had a moment to sit down – a mosquito landed on Shiloh’s head.  So, I did what any loving wife would do – smacked him.  He was soooo not impressed.  Apparently saving someone from getting malaria isn’t proper camp etiquette and was followed by a big sigh from Shiloh – which I heard a lot of that trip.  Especially after I informed Shiloh that I was certain I spotted cougar tracks.  Shiloh informed me that they were dog tracks – because a) you could see nail marks (no, you couldn’t) and b) cats don’t like water.  I properly informed Shiloh that “cats” had to drink water or they would die.  Again, big sigh from Shiloh.

We did decide to come home a day early – mainly because both of us really like sleep – AND – I don’t care what anyone says, sleeping in a tent on the ground is the most miserable experience ever.  You can’t get comfortable, your limbs continually go to sleep, and the sleeping bag/sleeping pad combo I had was slicker than snot on a sunny day.

Aside from my hands and body swelling up like a Macy’s Day Parade balloon – I came out of the trip unscathed.  I am not sure why I was so swollen – although it seriously may have had something to do with either dehydration or the large amout of sodium I had consumed.  Either way – I am fine now.

I am not sure if I would ever be invited to hike with the boys, but I think I may be invited on another trip with Shiloh.  Hooray.

All in all – we both had a great time.  Shiloh even said he had a lot of fun, and was impressed with how well I did. (I can tell you, that coming from him, that is a huge compliment!)  We had lots of laughs and lots of memorable moments.  It was even complete with singing in the car on the way home… yes, from the both of us!!

From one happy camper to another,


PS: next time I will leave the Gatorade and icy-hot at home and pack some ambien instead.

One Response to “All 10 Fingers – Check, All 10 Toes – Check”

  1. Kayla Thomas August 15, 2010 at 7:48 pm #

    I’m so glad you and Shiloh had some good, quality time together. I bet the hike was easier because you have been running and are stronger this time.

    By the way, I really enjoy your writing style.

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