“We” may wear short, shorts… but “I” do not… until today.

26 Jul

Perhaps you didn’t know this about me… but I hate shorts.  Most often, I refuse to wear them.  Opting rather, to sweat my ass off in a pair of jeans.  Not today!!

On a recent shopping outing (thanks Tim and Cathryn) – I decided I needed running shorts. I mean EVERYONE else has them.  This purchase then led to the purchase of mesh sorts (what? they were pink AND on sale!).  I was a little hesitant – knowing how I feel about me in shorts (must shave legs, must not miss any, must remember lotion, oh – yes, those are MY spider veins, knobby knees, and pasty white legs).

But, today was a scorcher!!  So, I donned my new mesh shorts.  Wore them OUTSIDE!! *gasp* and didn’t die, nor did anyone comment about how stupid I looked in them (of course I saw no one either).  They were pretty enjoyable – nevermind the fact that I looked like I was ready to play a pick-up game of basketball.  I think I could do this again, maybe even in a place where other people are gathered.

Who knows, I may be turning a new leaf – although… I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Until next time,


One Response to ““We” may wear short, shorts… but “I” do not… until today.”

  1. Lynne July 26, 2010 at 4:59 am #

    What, no photos?!

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