What happens when you fall off the fitness bandwagon, and land face first in cheesecake.

22 Jun

Let me start off by telling you that for one whole month – I was SO good.  I worked out like I was supposed to, and ate like I was supposed to, and drank my water, and then…

It all started with a small piece of cake that turned into a week-long binge that had me eating anything and everything I could find.  Not only that, but I stopped working out altogether.  All my hard work – down the drain.  It wasn’t until I was sitting at The Cheesecake Factory, shoveling pineapple upside down cheesecake into my mouth, when it hit me.  “WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING?”

I am not going to tell you that I love working out, I don’t.  I also am not going to tell you that I love to eat healthy food; I would much rather eat a Big Mac.  I will tell you that I feel so much better when I do work out, and I am eating right.  Those two weeks that I was on my quest to eat everything in sight – I was sluggish, bitchy, tired, and unpredictable.  I would have an incredible high after my bag of chips, and then an hour later want to crawl under my desk and sleep.

Working out and eating right isn’t easy, and it isn’t for the faint of heart.  It is serious hard work!  It requires you to put YOU first – which isn’t easy for a lot of us to do.  This is for the people who want to feel good, look good, have a better attitude, and more energy.  It isn’t just something that you “should” do – it is something that you “need” to do.

Life is hectic.  People and places get in the way, but at some point you have to make yourself a priority.  Even if it begins with 30 minutes a day – you can do this.  I can do this.  Above all – it is a choice.  A choice to be healthy.  A choice to be fit.  A choice to have energy.  A choice to feel good.  A choice to get out of bed, off the couch, away from the tv, out of your comfort zone – and do something.  Choose to make your life better, and you have to make this choice – every. damn. day.

Until next time – Andrea

One Response to “What happens when you fall off the fitness bandwagon, and land face first in cheesecake.”

  1. Dedra June 23, 2010 at 9:32 pm #

    This was so funny – I loved it. But, it was also so true. Since you have started working out and doing better, it started me thinking about my life and what I want to do. You have made me realize that I too want to feel better and look better. You have a great talent and I am so going to look forward to your blog!!

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